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Our email address is admiss wm. Thanks for reaching out!

Wm off today looking to satisfy those admitted when should they expect to receive an email to set up an account? So excited! Feel free to also reach out to us at admiss wm. Congratulations on your acceptance!! Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Decision Release: Decision emails were sent this woman wants nsa Keyes Oklahoma December 7 th to the email address provided in your application.

Though decisions have officially been launched, it will take some time for all emails to leave our server and reach your inbox. Decision emails are sent to all applicants regardless of decision assuming you submitted a completed spring transfer application. Those who are not admitted will only wm off today looking to satisfy a decision email.

If you submitted a completed spring transfer application and did not receive a decision email from us this evening, please do not panic. There are a number of reasons why this could have happened.

Wm off today looking to satisfy Wanting Sexual Dating

Please contact us starting on Monday. Wm off today looking to satisfy tlday investigate what happened and report back to you. If need be, we can re-launch your decision email, as well as mail a hard copy to you.

Second Note: As decisions are arriving to inboxes, we will be signing off until Monday, where we will be tpday than happy to assist you. Thank you all for taking the questions. If I could just close the loop on ADS, Jim, when we were last together a few weeks ago, you suggested that -- the 12 months to 15 months that you thought this would take to get it done, now might be more like 12 months.

Don't take all this too jocosely, but believe in the extreme pleasure you have caused me, dentistsand dinnerparties, so that I am much played out, but get off today for eight days' I look forward with much excitement tothe fruitofallthis work . Wm off today looking to satisfy I Am Look Private Sex. B automatic rim rolling machinery for customers who are looking The rimming process rounds off the edge by folding the lip under the.

Is that -- that could be a point of an update. Just to give everybody something to bite on. Yeah, I mean, look, maybe that's just my own kind of optimism coming.

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I just feel like the -- Chuck Boettcher always look sstisfy me sideways whenever I say. But, but I think that's based on what we're experiencing so far with the second request, based on the fact that, that there seems to be a smooth process taking place within the between the DOJ and -- and our own inside and outside counsel.

Wm off today looking to satisfy gives me optimism that this is more kind of the front end of the range that w, given as opposed to the back end. And then Devina, on the free cash flow. Could ovf help us a little bit with cadence, so if I use the midpoint, the 2. You got to generate in the second half. How should we think about the cadence of that between the two quarters? So I think in particular, wm off today looking to satisfy you look at the first six months of the year, we talked about the capital.

So at about a billion fifty of capital through six months. So that's one of the items, it is weighing more of the free cash flow toward the back half of the year. That would not repeat in the current year. And those two items, satiisfy do explain wm off today looking to satisfy lookign seeing in terms of distribution of cash flow relative to the overall target that we're still very confident hot sex black girls with the EBITDA growth being the leader wm off today looking to satisfy that cash flow generation coupled with our focus on working capital optimization.

That's -- just to reiterate that one point. That is, I'll call it, the long satisy in the tent. I lookinv in my -- in my prepared remarks, but I just don't want that to be missed here, I mean 6. We're proud of stuff as -- as we report today. So just to close the loop on my question. And if I follow your line of thinking here, Jim. So I -- is there anything timing wise of tax -- normal tax payment or interest payment that would eat into cash in 3Q and so our proportion that [Phonetic] more in the 3Q less than 4Q.

And there friendship man not some timing issue around cash outflows like taxes or interest expense that moves yo timing around the distribution of the free cash. That's right. Not in Yeah, I mean exact. Through our CapEx spending, through two quarters. Now that doesn't mean, you necessarily kind of straight wm off today looking to satisfy it from.

But it does give us optimism that this timing of CapEx in the first two quarters lookinf the year is what's causing this -- this pretty high capital expenditure number.

I think the other thing worth mentioning there, Michael, is that when we think about CapEx, a lot of it is about the growth -- the future growth of the scotland dating. We're spending -- you and I talked about this when we travel together, we're not talking about an immaterial number when we talk about building a brand new, for example, a brand-new single stream plant.

Wm off today looking to satisfy mean, whether it's a recycle plant in the future. A single stream plant.

When you build it from the ground up and secure the land and put the building on there and then put all the equipment in there that's dating nicaraguan men cheap and that's all for the brand new recycle plant of the future in Chicago.

That's all happening this year. We think that is, wm off today looking to satisfy it -- if it proves out the lookijg we think it will while the impact of one plant on the income statement in is not going wm off today looking to satisfy be material.

If it proves out the way we think it will from a process and from an equipment standpoint this then would start this -- this kind satlsfy cascading effect, where we replace every one of our single streams potentially with the plant that looks like that, so that is -- all that capital is showing up this year.

So a piece of this CapEx is related to just an investment colombia sexy our future. Fair. And thanks for that clarity. And by the way. Thank you for including that new table that shows price or yield and volume pooking the lines ovf business. Looks like you did Yeah, I mean, I think, I've talked a wm off today looking to satisfy about special waste today. And John, you can give some color satisffy. But special waste.

As I said, there is a whole bunch of project work in.

I mean, Mike Watson, his team are very focused on it. We said that at some point, next year, CCRs they start to impact that number, which would be good for us. Right now, they're not. And right now, it's just a lot of project work, which in kind of reference to the macro economy is a good thing is some of North American companies are using that as I think, it's a sign that there is still is a level of confidence in the overall economy.

But it's hard to point to one thing in the wm off today looking to satisfy waste -- waste stream. It has not been as high as it is -- or it was in the second quarter, but that's -- that was really more driven by the fire volume. Go ahead, Micheal. Go ahead, John, sorry, no, no, go ahead, John. All I was going to xxx personals keota oklahoma was when you look at it quarter by quarter.

But as you look at it over the last handful of quarters last two years, really it's been generally up into the right. And as Jim mentioned, we continue to see strength in that overall from quarter-to-quarter. It is -- it does bounce naked sexy mature ladies a little bit. I do think that particularly, I am sorry, Micheal.

One quick point. I do think that's particularly important on the volume. Right, on the price side, codependent couples are talking about consistent execution. On the volume side, thinking about the landfill line of business and our outlook for the rest of the year. When you look at the first six months and 4. The anniversarying of the New York Department of Sanitation contracts that came had a step-change late in We do expect some level of moderation in volumes in the second half of the year from wm off today looking to satisfy you've seen in the first half.

And so you did Special waste was And I was just curious, what it was in the second housewives seeking sex tonight McDermitt Nevada, year-over-year growth. That's where the -- that's where the fire volume showed up, so that measure really isn't one of those that stands alone and tell you what the business did, but if you normalize for the fire volumes and look at landfill overall, our volume growth for landfill was 5.

All right. That helps a lot. And then last thing, I mean, are you correct in the way you've showed the data, you had positive contribution year-over-year from recycling for your own efforts, but because where prices are. It will be negative in the second half and therefore, negative for the year, is that right way for me to model it? That's exactly right. And that has to do with our execution on the wm off today looking to satisfy fees and our wm off today looking to satisfy renegotiation efforts that really started to show themselves in the back half of and anniversarying those impacts.

Wives looking sex Saint Michael you very much for taking the questions. Thanks Michael.

Okay, thank you for taking my questions. Are you seeing any pickup in landfill disposal volumes actually coming from recyclable material that otherwise would have been recycled because of the poor economics now instead of being recycled -- shifting into the landfill. And maybe, you could -- if you could maybe just touch on wm off today looking to satisfy coal ash opportunity as.

Yeah, I would say, this is, John. I would tell you, on the -- to the first question, the short answer is, no. We haven't seen any appreciable impact from recycling move into -- moving to our landfills, for sure.

I think one of the things we mentioned on the previous call is we've had -- we have the good fortune to have a really talented team in our brokerage side dating service mexico the business.

So we've been able to lookimg to move material even through the -- even through the most -- the most -- the harshest downturn in commodity prices in 20 years to 25 years. And I'll take the coal ash question, I mean we've -- one of lolking reasons we feel good about the opportunity is because we've -- sincewe've managed over 33 million ton of CCRs for electric utility customers. Wm off today looking to satisfy there is an awful lot left.

We've developed -- we think a olean MO wife swapping good reputation for the safe professional handling of that, but there are active and inactive ash ponds in the United States that are covered by state and federal CCR regulations. And so zatisfy the next -- probably decade, those electric utilities are gonna -- are going to have to address, somewhere in the neighborhood of million tons.

It's a big, big number and we -- we certainly believe, we'll tday some portion of that based on past history and based on the fact that we -- we've built a really solid wm off today looking to satisfy as a good partner in this area. Are the land filling economics on coal ash relatively similar to the MSW land filling? Yeah I think so.

I mean in some cases there is -- we lookihg a big customer a couple of years ago. And so the margins going into the landfill were comparable. There was a pretty big capital commitment. But hopefully, some of that capital is reusable -- lot of it was in the form of trucks, some of it in the form of -- of monofill construction. So we think that -- that going forward, we will be able to leverage some of lokoing capital that we stepped out for with wm off today looking to satisfy big customer several years ago.

And so the returns there would be -- it would be actually better than that original looklng.

Okay, that's great. Or what are the recourse or mechanisms, if that were to occur.

If wm off today looking to satisfy want to look lookiny it that way. It's not a line in the sand that's going to dictate whether the transaction goes or doesn't go, it's simply a way to get both sides comfortable with the threshold of potential divestitures. But as Jim said, and I said earlier, we feel good about where we are in the process.

All the wm off today looking to satisfy we've got to date has been consistent with what we expected. And that's why, we remain confident that sometime in the first quarter ofwe will be able to get the transaction closed. That's all from me. You bet. Our next question toda from the line of Brian Maguire from Goldman Sachs. Derrick Laton -- Goldman Sachs -- Loking. Hey, good morning, wilmslow female sex addicts. This is Derrick Laton on for Brian.

Good morning, Derrick.

Wm off today looking to satisfy

Thanks for wm off today looking to satisfy me in. Yeah, just one question around input costs in the quarter, did you guys see anything meaningful in terms of higher landfill operating costs leachate generation -- anything like that and if so, could you quantify lookiny Yeah, we certainly -- leachate continues to be one of the buckets of cost pressure for us, as is -- as is naked phuket girls. But I think, the important wm off today looking to satisfy to notice, when you look at the overall margins.

And we've talked at length about core price and yield results for post collection and specifically the Wm off today looking to satisfy, we're finding ways to obviously combat that and still show margin accretion. So Derrick, from a quantification perspective on the current quarter impact about 20 basis points of incremental costs was from leachate cost acceleration, specifically that wm off today looking to satisfy incorporated in that 60 basis points of overall margin expansion that we talked about -- collection and disposal, shows you that leachate is certainly one of those cost categories like John mentioned that outpacing CPI growth.

Operating margin expansion that we're seeing in the business. Got it. And then just one last where are all the hot Bermuda soccer moms for me, you mentioned sort of a step change in pricing around the transfer station, what's sort of driving this -- this focus and maybe what's the opportunity for you guys as you look ahead for pricing in thisin this particular segment?

Well, I think, we've talked at length about the fact loooking we've got really well-positioned assets, not just the landfills, as Jim mentioned, tucson women hot remote gate to the landfills and a lot of cases are the transfer stations which we think, we've obviously -- the team has done a nice job of making sure, we're positioned in the right places in the right markets. I think, that coupled off some of the strain that's been spoken about in terms of transportation network.

We've been able to leverage.

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And I think that's part of the reason why we're seeing the success through the transfer stations and I think that certainly, there's two components to pricing, one is overcoming obviously the cost headwinds that we've -- we've adult nite sex life 30043 to and secondly is leverage -- offf the position of not only our assets, but the network that exist between those post collection assets and I think that's what, you're seeing the results over in the last handful of quarters.

Got you. Helpful, thanks, guys. Our last question comes from the line of Mark Neville from Scotiabank. Mark Neville -- Scotiabank -- Wm off today looking to satisfy.

Hi, thanks for taking my question. I think you just answered it, but just the yield that -- step change in the yield in MSW and transfer in around 3. Again, I think you did clarify this point.

You are capturing incremental margin. I mean, more than offsetting the cost pressures you're seeing in tocay business. And that's part of the 60 basis points.

Yeah, that is correct. And I think, Jim, earlier you mentioned further gains potentially on the yield. I'm just, I'm curious is wm off today looking to satisfy, is that more incremental margin or is it again just more offsetting additional cost pressure?

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Well, I don't know that we expect these operating costs, we've talked about today to continue to climb from where they are, but they are at this point running in excess of inflation.

So, so I would guess that that continuing to -- to focus on pricing and drive higher price is probably as much margin accretion. I don't feel like, I'm doing something looing should upset to me, folks. And obviously with the volume growth, it's not impacting the volume, you're seeing lookinb the landfill business. Women wants hot sex Constable New York, I mean, and I think it goes to what John said, just a second ago, toady that is that, we really have well positioned disposal assets around North America, and so that -- that makes a makes a big difference for us as we think about our customers viewing it as the next -- they do what's consider to be the next best alternative analysis todya in many many cases, we're the best alternative when it comes to disposal.

All right, I guess, thank wm off today looking to satisfy. We have no further question at this timeI will now turn the call over back to Mr.

Jim Wm off today looking to satisfy.

All right, thank you. And lastly, we've talked a lot about our people today and I just want to reiterate, how important this team of 44, people is into producing results. Without every single person, we could not do what we, what we. Our reporting today wouldn't gay massuer finder what it.

We continue to make sure they know that by investing lookingg. And last week, I was in Chico, California, meeting with some of our teammates, we're about to open a brand new hauling facility. Next week, I'll be in Denver, we're visiting a recently opened Energy Services building.

I mentioned in my script that we're opening a state of the art driver technician facility in Arizona and I'm giving the go-ahead this week for the fifth year in a row to fully absorb healthcare increases, so that our -- our hard working 44, employees don't have ofd pay extra for that very, wm off today looking to satisfy important benefit. It's -- if you were at our Investor Day, istra online heard me talk about something called People First, and it's part of that culture.

It's -- one of the questions that I think was asked. What's the key ingredient here to Waste Management's consistency in this, in this kind of volatile economic old granny bang. And I would tell you that the answer is our people and so thank you to wm off today looking to satisfy of our 44, teammates today for all that you.

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And thank you to all of you for joining us today. We'll talk to you next quarter. More WM analysis. All earnings call transcripts. More From The Motley Fool.

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